Prof. In-charge Library: Dr. B.S Negi
One great philosopher has rightly said "Knowledge is the key to Success. Nothing can be better than books as a source of knowledge. It has been an established fact that any kind of education is empty in itself without the availability of books. To fulfill such a need in higher education structure what better than the library with a vast collection of the books and other related literature can serve the purpose.
Library has a sufficient collection of books covering the entire spectrum of course. Enriching the library is an on going process which requires financial assistance that is provided by state government annually. Books and other printed material can be obtained from library under different schemes for a definite period.
Vast range of books is also available for Diploma course concerning the computer hardware and software course.

About Library

The new building of central library of SwargiyaJaidutt Vela RajkiyaSnatkottarMahavidhyalaya, Ranikhet is established in 15 September 2001 and since then, it has been consistently making efforts to develop a good collection of learning resources and providing access to knowledge through its services. The library is broadly divided into two sections; Reading Section and Circulation Section. The Circulation Section has books on all UG/PG courses, and one can borrow a designated number of books from this section. For the benefits of students, research scholars and teaching faculty many print and non-print research journals are subscribed by the library, library is full of facility like internet and other technologies. The library is frequently used by the faculty members, student, and research scholars of the college as well as non-teaching staff.
The library has made significant developments in integrating ICT in its services; the library is using e-Granthalaya Software for its housekeeping and other activities. The library database is accessible inside and outside of the library through OPAC.

Library Timing

• Monday to Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Library Services

• Lending Service
The central library offers a lending service to every registered user of the library, the service is offered from the circulation section and one can borrow a specific number of documents from this section.

Category wise borrowing facility details are as follows:

S.No Category No. of Books Period
1 Faculty Members (Permanent/Contract) 10 Documents 180 Days
2 Guest Faculty 05 Documents 180 Days
3 Research Scholars 05 Documents 60 Days
4 Students 04 Documents 60 Days
5 Non- Teaching Staff 05 Documents 60 Days

General Library Rules

  • Registration should be done to become a library member before using the library resources.
  • A library membership card is compulsory for getting access to the library.
  • Enter your name, class, and sign in the register kept at the entrance counter before entry and exit.
  • Show the books and other materials that are being taken out of the library to the staff at the entrance.
  • While entering the library, the person(s) should leave their personal belongings, such as bags, briefcases, personal books, and parcels at the property counter of the library at their own risk. However, they can carry loose papers and notebooks.
  • A person desirous of using the library has to enter his/her name time (in and out) and put his/her signature in the register kept for the purpose at the entrance of the library.
  • During a person’s absence, study place must not be reserved for any longer than 15 minutes.
  • The users of the library are requested to take care of their belongings (laptops, devices and other things) inside the library premise otherwise library is in no way responsible for the loss of any belongings or goods of a user.
  • No monetary compensation can be claimed from the library in case of any damage to the personal belongings of users inside the library.
  • Library items must not be marked, defaced, mutilated or damaged in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged the full replacement cost of the material and other disciplinary action.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Silence is to be maintained and no group discussion is permitted inside the library premises.
  • Mobile phones must be set to vibrate or silent ring mode while in the library, and are not permitted to be used inside the library. Fine will be charged Rs.500/- to a user if found guilty of using a mobile phone inside the library.

Vision and Mission of the Library

  • To Serve as a Knowledge Hub of the College.
  • To Inculcate Reading Habits among the students and Teaching Community.
  • To Help Rural Students to enrich their knowledge to create better world for themselves.
  • To support the college mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning & research.

Library Resources

  • 1. Books-56817
  • 2. Reference Books- 156
  • 3. Magazine/Journals (Print) - 05
  •       a. PratiyogitaDarpan (English)

  •       b. Current Affairs Today

  •       c. The Week

  •       d. उत्तराखंड करंट अफेयर्स

  •       e. योजना
  • 4. News Paper- 03
  •       a. अमर उजाला

  •       b. दैनिक जागरण

  •       c. हिंदुस्तान

Digital Library

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

(The library has made significant developments in terms of integrating ICT in library services; the library is using e-Granthalay 4.0. (Integrated Library Management Software) for its housekeeping and other activities.)